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John Adams Frothingham

I stand before you

new and improved

I am a singing drummer and songwriter, primarily,although I 

also play some keyboard and guitar.

I write and play, as well as interpret, adventurous, psychedelic, improvisational rock n roll and roots music.

It will be presented here in small doses as my music is properly recorded and presentable.

There is an archival History of past recordings of notable music. They are of good but, variable, recording quality. New recordings will be uniformly excellent, and will eventually vastly outnumber these.

You'll also find this site gradually filling up with a variety of blogs, artwork, poetry, favorite found images, and sundry other...basically, you can't shut me up!

This site serves both as my creative outlet and as a place to promote and demo my work for profit.

There is, or soon will be,  a LOT of variety here -pop, blues, funk, reggae, folk, jazz, molten psychedelic, surrealistic sound collage, drum music, and who knows what else? You'll hear me both solo and with bands. If you don't like one thing, you might like another.


My first love is to play live,  bringing people together in creative collaboration and community.

I have learned much from some of the best, and it is my joy and passion to share it with you, to hopefully get you dancing, laughing, crying, and reconnecting to your humanness, and to  your highest self and truest spirit...I love creating a safe place for you, and for all of us,  to FEEL, to  evolve and grow together..and, btw,  it is an honor to get paid to do it!

May we flourish together.

I stand before you,

New and Improved.


For whatever reason, owls are my messengers, spirit animals, totem.

They will appear thru-out these pages , as they do in my life.

All of my creative works are dedicated to all of those , past present and future, who, like Allen Ginsberg, are

"burning for

the ancient

heavenly connection

to the starry dynamo

in the machinery of night."

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