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Poetry - It's Cool Again, Man!

Spirit Flame Haiku
We were the Flame Seekers
Now, in the Autumn of life,
We are the Flame Keepers
JAF 2020

On The Floor Of The Universe

I'm Scared of the dark

and all of it's creatures

that writhe in hiding...

that is why

    the moon

        the moon

           the moon

spills over unseen tears

encrusts the world in living silver

sets the crazy ones wild

sets me free....

soon, I shall wander 

on the floor of the universe

suspended between

irrelevant sunshine

and the surprise of fireflies

JAF 1970


Oh.Suzy Q ~ You wear your skirt so high

                       You wear your shirt so tight

                       Your eyes, they shine so bright


               last night I soaked the sheets

               your vision dancing within me


             today, in the summer sun

             we explore the hills

              above my town

                                         an eagle soars

                                             in the china blue sky

                             a lizard at my feet

sweat trickles

       and tickles       my skin

 stings     my eyes       

      bursts salty on my tongue

......far away,  the Sacred Mountain

                        ( calm... powerful... )

            ...human insect swarm in the city below...

        cool breeze  and love's mad sugar

            in our damp hair.....


             Many centuries later,

                                                you take my hand,


                       " Let's put on our clothes

                           It's time to go

                        to leave the wild symphony of flowers behind!

                                                                     ( for a time )  "

JAF 1983

 & included in my loose collection

of poems and images,

" A Slim Volume of Erotica " 2010

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